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Cloud Services

We position ourselves as facilitators of new and improved services to small and medium sized business units. We provide formal decision frameworks to make the best possible Cloud decisions for your organization.

We believe that, by shifting your IT capital expenditure to more acceptable operational expenditure, the decision-making process gets easier.

The Cloud Service Providers, now take care of all your needs including provisioning, updating (Security Patches, Service Packs, updates, etc.) and monitoring of your infrastructure (server, storage, networks, etc.). Your IT resources can now be used for "Higher Value Added" activities for the business's strategic goals.

Cloud Technology is relatively new technology and not all companies have in-house expertise or domain knowledge of Cloud Computing. Not all organizations can benefit from Cloud Technologies and not all applications are candidates for Cloud Deployment. We provide advice and support, so that you can take a well-informed, forward-looking decision.

If you decide to go with Cloud Deployment, we will assist you in selecting a suitable platform. This could be private, hybrid or public Cloud. Based on your requirement and budget, we will make a suitable recommendation that best meets your needs.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) will benefit a lot from our services as we provide a complete set of Cloud Computing Services, including:

Cloud Services

We have two unique service offerings for enterprise customers who are looking to efficiently drive business benefits from the cloud, including the VARS ClearCloud and VARS Cloud Roadmap Service.

With these unique service offerings we help customers source, secure and manage cloud services as an integral part of your IT strategy. We are Silver Partner with PhoenixNAP, a large secure cloud provider in USA ( and we will be happy to offer the state of the art secure cloud services in the US.

While many organizations understand the core benefits of the cloud, there remains a level of uncertainty to strategically leveraging the promise of cloud. Our Cloud consulting services are aimed at helping SME organizations evaluate cloud as part of their overall IT service strategy to drive efficient business results.

Our cloud-related consulting services

The VARS ClearCloud is designed to help SME IT organizations learn about the cloud as a strategic service delivery option and how to leverage it as part of a broader IT service delivery strategy.

As part of the VARS ClearCloud service:

  • We educate you on the cloud and multi-sourcing strategies
  • Understand and evaluate if Cloud service delivery model can benefit your organization (We understand very well that not all organizations will benefit from Cloud offerings)
  • Outline benefits, risks and implications of the cloud within the business
We seamlessly follow our VARS ClearCloud offering with VARS Cloud Roadmap service, during which,
  • We closely work with you to document your requirements and come up with multiple cloud service offerings.
  • Help you make a optimal solution decision, that aligns with your security model and IT strategy
  • Design and Architect a suitable unbiased Cloud solution based on your IT strategy and budget
  • Provide specific recommendations for how you should use cloud delivery and deployment models
  • Deliver a roadmap for cloud adoption, including a set of recommendations and benefits.

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